What's available on a refuge site



Basic meals will be a buffet style meal with a non-vegetarian option. For specific dietary needs residents may need to make their own arrangements.

Residents will be able to use the kitchen facilities when doing so will not interfere with the cooking staff. In addition to the kitchen there will be water and power available for food preparation.


The main option for people staying a few weeks or less will be space to setup a tent, hammock or shelter of some kind. People are encouraged to check with the weather forecast for the duration of their stay and bring bedding accordingly. Something soft to sleep on is highly recommended.

For people who are planning to make one of our sites a more permanent base, there will be the option to construct more permanent shelter for longer term residency. As well as traditional room structures, creativity is encouraged. Existing options include: lean-to’s, tree platforms, hobbit house style domes and other structures. Residents will be encouraged to bring their genius to the Project to share construction ideas and skills. There will be a lockup available for valuables and such.


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