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Helping Veterans

Some of the challenges claiming the lives of veterans are the need of a group to be part of, the lack of a goal to be working towards, and needing an active, respected role to play in service to others.

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The Refuge Project will be helping by providing a home base where veterans can integrate with humanitarian aid and disaster responders who are also motivated people with the drive to go into the most challenging situations on earth and work for the good of others. This group and mission aligns perfectly with the drive to find solutions and act that inspires so many veterans.


We are working with Christina Ryan LCSW and other clinicians to structure our assistance and refer veterans to us who would like to transition into working/volunteering on humanitarian and disaster aid projects. The clinicians are also willing to provide support for Veterans placed into the program.  


Veterans are a valuable group in humanitarian aid, from the skills military training brings to the community to the drive to go into challenging situations and work for the people effected by them. In the U.S.A. we have been losing on average 20 veterans a day to suicide. If this crisis can be helped by working with our group and is also adding to the skilled population of humanitarian responders then we are dedicated to making it happen.

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