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Getting the word out

Organizations like ours succeed when people who are excited about us help us spread the word about what we do and those we serve. We are always grateful for people who help spread the word about what we do. Please get in touch with any questions, suggestions or enthusiasm around getting the word out.

Individual Fund Raising Drives

People being helping hands in their own way is an amazing gift. Often people think of ways to fundraise that engages their personal style. Please get in touch with us if you would like to do an event or drive to help us raise funds to support our work, we would be delighted to work with you.

Growing our Trauma Support Network

We are in search of trauma support personnel who are interested in becoming part of our on site and remote support team. These are mental health professionals who will provide on site and remote support to the populations at the refuge sites, as well as to aid workers and responders in the field. If this is you or this is someone you know, we would love to hear from you. 

Adding to the database

One of our goals is he help other groups prepare for efforts in the field. To do this we are creating a database of useful information from the experiences of previous efforts. Things we are currently looking for are:

  • medical guidelines that are unique to an area or challenges that were a surprise when they came up

  • Contacts in an area that were particularly effective in getting something done, their contact information and if possible something they like that can provide a better working relationship if provided

  • Little known construction methods that were more effective in an area, and any information on the processes involved in using them 

  • Things to avoid in an area: scams and contacts who can't get the promised jobs done, places that are hidden hazards, hindering local regulations that were a surprise, local traditions that an effort can more respectfully interact with

Land Donations

As the project grows beyond our initial site, we will be looking for donations of land to build refuge sites on. We are looking for land in stable countries with easily developed terrain, access to utilities and proximity to communities that will benefit from our presence while supporting our efforts. Our initial site will be in Costa Rica however we will be looking to support as many different locations as we can, there are so many heroes in need of a refuge to sustain their amazing efforts.

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