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Opportunities for graduates

One of the biggest challenges in a disaster recovery scene is being surrounded intensity and trauma. People who grow up in the rougher parts of big cities have experience in intense situations and, by the time they graduate high school, have a fundamental understanding of how they react to intense situations. A person who can grow up in hard situations and still have the desire help others is someone who would be indispensable in a disaster response environment. 


The Refuge Project is opening opportunities for high school graduates to engage in humanitarian efforts who might otherwise be financially unable to act. There are many benefits to enabling young activists to go out and get hands on experience in helping recover a disaster area. The knowledge that a person has the ability to make a difference often leads them to finding ways to make a difference closer to home or continue to invest their energy in the humanitarian efforts around the world. 


Our goal is to provide this opportunity for these amazing people. We are working to create a foundation that will supply successful candidates training, a standard response kit, and a ticket to one of the ongoing disaster response areas. Graduates working with the foundation will go to a Refuge Project site for a bit of training in response specific skills. They will then be placed with a group that needs their exceptional motivation and capacity to make the difference. 

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