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Ecuador trip

Well that was an incredibly successful trip to Ecuador to help with earthquake reconstruction. Learned some things about IDP camp setup, had some excellent conversations about small group logistics and developed many bamboo skills as well as acquired several excellent sources for bamboo construction training. Also a possible lead on a land donation for Project grounds. Now on to a retreat for PTSD clinicians to develop more of the collaboration with Veterans Community Response, we are working to create a program to offer to veterans to transition from combat response to humanitarian aid response. Really happy this project can actually help so many in need of a place to go and help in the nex

At the veteran's clinician's retreat in Montana

The retreat I'm at is one for the clinicians who help veterans manage their PTSD. I'm in awe. I'm surrounded by such passionate intense caregivers and stewards. To have this group tell me my idea to help veterans get into disaster response and humanitarian work is super viable and could save lives from suicide is so humbling and motivating to make my project live. Absolutely living in gratitude. Please check out The amazing group who puts on retreats for the clinicians who help our veterans manage the PTSD response so common in those who have served in the armed services.

Who we are and what we do

Community support for Humanitarian Aid Workers and Disaster Responders Training in vital humanitarian relief skills Opportunities for Veterans to keep helping the world The Refuge Project is a new NGO that will address several major issues hindering international disaster relief and aid organizations. Providing training and logistics, material and psychological support, and community access, this organization empowers humanitarian teams and individuals to achieve their missions more effectively, and ensures that relief is available even to relief workers.We are collaborating with Veterans Community Response to provide a transition for veterans into relief work and disaster response. The R


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