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Busy last 2 months

So much has been happening that we've been focusing on helping existing disasters more to address immediate needs. From hurricane logistics and coordination to the helping drive supplies around and be an info hub for California Sonoma County fire response. Ongoing situations and thankfully enough people are past the shocked stage that other networks and groups can more effectively respond. So onward for our development, we have a meeting with the head of U.S. staff psych support for M.S.F. in a few days in New York, our second meeting and there will be representatives of more organizations present, interest in our project is growing. Our condolences for the M.S.F. staff lost to the conflict

Continuing facilitation of support

So glad the psych support is continuing in the field. We found a councilor who was happy to provide support in the form of Skype sessions for people. The support is now ongoing as needed and it's growing. Best news


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